Desert Endocrinology is a medical practice that specializes in endocrinology, hormonal disorders and metabolic diseases. These include diabetes, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, as well as pituitary, ovarian and adrenal disorders. We are happy to have you as a patient, and will do everything possible to make your experience with us satisfying and productive.

Our Role

At Desert Endocrinology, we are specialty consultants providing medical care to patients of all ethnicities, gender or age. This means we advise you and your primary physician about your endocrine problems. We focus on those questions or issues for which you were referred to us. Your referring physician may ask only for advice but they may also ask us to actively manage your endocrine problem.

Sometimes you may have symptoms or issues that are not related to your endocrine problem or the problem for which we were consulted. In such cases, we will refer you back to your primary physician for further evaluation and treatment. This does not mean that we don’t care or are trying to rush you, but rather that the problem lies outside our area of practice.

Since we only practice consultative endocrinology, we require all patients to maintain a primary care physician. We will do our very best to keep your primary physician informed about your evaluation and treatment. We rely on you to keep us informed if your primary physician or their practice location changes.

Our Specialized Team

Desert Endocrinology employs a multi-disciplinary approach to endocrine care. The endocrinologist is a board certified MD with specialized training in endocrine disorders. The endocrinologist will direct and coordinate your medical care. The physician assistant or nurse practitioner has at least 6 years of advanced training and also specializes in endocrinology. They provide consultative and follow-up care, interpretation of laboratory tests and treatment for established problems. They are able to prescribe medications and perform diagnostic tests and procedures. PAs/NPs closely coordinate their care with the endocrinologist. Both the endocrinologist and PA/NP will provide your follow-up care. The medical assistant will take your vitals, update medications and prescription refill needs and implement orders from the treating physician. The medical assistants return most telephone calls after consulting with the physician. Other team members include schedulers, receptionists, dieticians, nuclear technicians and billing specialists. All patients are team patients, and don’t belong to any one provider at Desert Endocrinology.